Retirees Launch Campaign to Protect Medicare from Privatization

Retirees Launch Campaign to Protect Medicare from Privatization #HandsOffMedicare




How can anyone trust Paul Ryan when he makes these kinds of outlandish claims

Paul Ryan’s repeal promise: Nobody will be “worse off” during Obamacare transition

“. . .But House Speaker Paul Ryan is confident that not only will this incredibly risky repeal plan work, it will go off without so much as a single person seeing any disruption in his or her health insurance coverage status during the transition period between Obamacare’s repeal and its replacement.

“Clearly there will be a transition and a bridge so that no one is left out in the cold, so that no one is worse off,” Ryan told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “The purpose here is to bring relief to people who are suffering from Obamacare so that they can get something better.”

There is little reason to believe this is true. . .”

Paul Ryan has a record of opposing health care for the American people. Whether it is the Affordable Care Act, Medicare or Medicaid, Ryan seems to always be in favor of less for the American people and more for the richest 1%.

Don’t let Republicans touch Medicare

Don’t let Republicans touch Medicare

“. . .Beginning Jan. 21, President Trump, and the Republican-led House and Senate plan to begin the systematic destruction of Medicare. Seniors currently enrolled will stay on Medicare. For anyone younger than 55, however, a new program will provide vouchers toward the purchase of private health insurance. Vouchers will replace an efficient and well-run single-payer system that currently insures almost all older Americans. . .”

Medicare Isn’t Going “Bankrupt”


Medicare Isn’t Going “Bankrupt”“Medicare’s Hospital Insurance (HI) trust fund will remain solvent — that is, able to pay 100 percent of the costs of the hospital insurance coverage it provides — through 2028, the program’s trustees wrote in their latest report.  Even after 2028, when the HI trust fund is projected for depletion, incoming payroll taxes and other revenue will still cover 87 percent of Medicare hospital insurance costs”

Members of the U.S. Congress

For Android users, texting your Zip Code to (520) 200-2223 is a quick and convenient way to get the telephone numbers for your Senators and Representatives.

If you know who your members of Congress are, call this number: 202.225.3121 and ask to speak to one of them.

If you do not know your Representative or Senators, click here:Members of U.S. Congress

Otherwise, this will be a useful link for folks who want to contact Senators and Representatives in Washington to tell them no vouchers, no premium supports and no privatization.

You can also use this site to send a fax to your member of Congress