We really can #TurnCongressBlue: 20 races that will do it!


Blue Wave 2018

Turning the U.S. House Blue


We all know that if we are going to hold on to the improvements the Affordable Care Act made in our health care system, we must vote Democrats back into control of the Senate and the House. We also know that if we are to make any serious progress on providing Medicare for all Americans, we must vote Democrats back into control of the Senate and the House. We also know that if we are going protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare, we must vote Democrats back into control of the Senate and the House.

If 4 out of 20 of the Democratic Candidates for U.S. House listed below win their races, then Democrats will most likely have regained control of the U.S House. If Democrats win all twenty races, they would hold a 234 to 201 majority in the U.S. House. All twenty of these races are winnable. By the same token, they are all also losable. That is why it is so important for all of us to do everything we can to help Democrats win! The only way the Blue Wave happens is if every one of us does what we can do to make it happen.

Toss Up    
Gil Cisneros California 39th @GilCisnerosCA
Katie Porter California 45th @katieporteroc
Gina Ortiz Jones Texas 23rd @GinaOrtizJones
Lizzie Pannill Fletcher Texas 7th @Lizzie4Congress
Paul Davis Kansas 2nd @PaulDavisKS
Kara Eastman Nebraska 2nd @karaforcongress
Cindy Axne Iowa 3rd @Axne4Congress
Dan Feehan Minnesota 1st @danielfeehan
Joe Radinovich Minnesota 8th @joeradinovich
Sean Casten Illinois 6th @SeanCasten
Brendan Kelly Illinois 12th @Kelly4SouthrnIL
Elissa Slotkin Michigan 8th @ElissaSlotkin
Danny O’Connor Ohio 12th @dannyoconnor1
Aftab Pureval Ohio 1st @AftabPureval
Amy McGrath Kentucky 6th @AmyMcGrathKY
Antonio Delgado New York 19th @DelgadoforNY19
Jared Golden Maine 2nd @golden4congress
Andy Kim New Jersey 3rd @AndyKimNJ
Leslie Cockburn Virginia 5th @LeslieCockburn
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Florida 26th @DebbieforFL


Simple ways we can all help:

Follow these candidates on twitter.

Retweet posts from their twitter feeds.

If you want to do more:

Volunteer to door knock

Volunteer to phone bank

Donate to one or more of these candidates.

Information about volunteering and donating will be available on the candidates’ campaign websites.

Finally, thank you for any and everything you do to #ProtectOurCare and make America the country we all know that she can be.

The possibility of winning the above races is based on information at: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2018-midterm-election-forecast/house/#deluxe


Republican Elites Are Scared of @PhilBredesen

When the Knoxville News-Sentinel needs someone to give voice to the extreme right-wing of the political spectrum, Greg Johnson is the writer who often gets the job. He has an opinion piece up on the News-Sentinel website about Democrat Phil Bredesen’s run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Bob Corker.

Two things are evident in Johnson’s piece. First, he cannot stand the thought of Tennesseans sending a Democrat to the U.S. Senate. Second, he respects, perhaps even admires Bredesen. The worse thing he can think of to say about him is that some Democrats might not like Bredesen’s pragmatic, common-sense approach to governing.

To be certain, Greg writes a nice article. To his credit, he uses the first paragraph to remind Tennesseans what a truly great job Bredesen did as governor of the state. Where Johnson misses the boat is his understanding of what Bredesen’s common-sense pragmatism would mean for working class Tennesseans. Greg writes an article each week for the News-Sentinel, but most of his time is spent working as a financial advisor for Edward Jones

Greg does an outstanding job helping Tennesseans with portfolios of upwards of $500 ,000. The problem is most Tennesseans don’t have portfolios quite that large. Greg also likes politicians who cater to folks who have plenty of money to invest. That may be the real reason he does not want Tennesseans to send Phil Bredesen to Washington. Greg knows that Bredesen will work just as hard for working class Tennesseans as Greg does for those with ample investment portfolios.  Greg also knows that Bredesen would likely oppose any GOP scheme to privatize Social Security and Medicare.

We already have enough politicians in Washington who are using their offices to pad their pockets and the bank accounts of their donors.  In fact, the GOP candidate that Greg favors, Marsha Blackburn, already has a cozy arrangement with the pharmaceutical industry.

Greg and Marsha will be fine regardless of who wins this November’s race. The same cannot be said for middle and working class Tennesseans. They need a Senator who is going to be on their side. Phil Bredesen is the common sense choice for all Tennesseans.


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The Balanced Budget Amendment Will Hurt Social Security and Medicare: Please Call your Member of Congress


The Balanced Budget Amendment that is being discussed in Congress would be terrible for America’s retired workers. It would use automatic cuts to their earned benefits to balance the federal budget in any year that there is a revenue shortfall. Such a law would be a travesty of justice punishing working and middle-class Americans while the wealthiest American continue to reap the harvest of the most recent #GOP tax cuts. In short, the Balance Budget Amendment would seek to balance the federal budget from the pockets of those least able to pay for it, while those who are not paying their fair share get a free pass. You can read more about it here: Balanced Budget Amendment

Please call your members of Congress to explain why you think this is a bad idea for working Americans. If you need help finding a contact number for your member of Congress, click here Members of the U.S. Congress

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