New Poll Shows a Majority of Americans Think It Is a “Good Thing” the Senate ACA Repeal Bill Failed

In the aftermath of the Senate’s failure to pass major health care legislation and repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the Kaiser Family Foundation released findings from a poll to understand what Americans think of the ACA, the attempts to repeal it so far, and next steps. The Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows that a…

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I Grew Up in Tom Price’s District. The Sex Ed He Promotes Is Dangerous. #ProtectOurCare

Last month, the Trump administration silently slashed $213.6 million from at least 81 institutions working on teen pregnancy prevention. The cuts hit a wide variety of programs: the Choctaw Nation’s initiatives to reduce teen pregnancy in Oklahoma, the University of Texas’ guidance for youth in foster care, and Baltimore’s Healthy Teen Network’s work on an…

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The bipartisan compromise: cheap, worthless plans #ProtectOurCare #DemsDontSellUsOut

Bipartisan moves to steady insurance market face same old conflicts over regulation By Harris MeyerModern Healthcare, August 3, 2017 Democrats and a growing number of Republicans are eager to steady the struggling individual market covering nearly 20 million Americans to prevent an exodus of insurers and healthy customers. Senate HELP Committee chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.),…

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Trump Proposal Would Endanger the Health and Safety of Nursing Home Residents #ProtectOurCare

Public CitizenMore than 75 organizations in the Fair Arbitration Now (FAN) Coalition are leading a week of action aimed at stopping the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) from reversing critical protections for nursing home residents harmed by mistreatment and legal violations. CMS is seeking public comment by Monday, Aug. 7 on its plans…

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Working Americans Desperately Need 1 Senator to Stand Up for them.

Which one will it be? Working class Americans have to have one of these Senators to vote NO the next time our health care is up for a vote. Could one of your Senators be the one stands up for working Americans, Women, Children, Retirees, Older workers and Veterans? Make no mistake GOP Healthcare will hurt many, many Americans. It will benefit very few. Actually, it will be of significant benefit to no more than1% of Americans. The other 99% of us are in for a big hurt.

Is your Senator on this list? Please call and ask your Senator to help ordinary Americans and not just wealthy donors.

Lamar Alexander, Tennessee
John Barrasso, Wyoming
Roy Blunt, Missouri
John Boozman, Arkansas
Richard Burr, North Carolina
Shelley Moore Capito, West Virginia
Bill Cassidy, Louisiana
Thad Cochran, Mississippi
Bob Corker, Tennessee
John Cornyn, Texas
Tom Cotton, Arkansas
Mike Crapo, Idaho
Ted Cruz, Texas
Steve Daines, Montana
Mike Enzi, Wyoming
Joni Ernst, Iowa
Deb Fischer, Nebraska
Jeff Flake, Arizona
Cory Gardner, Colorado
Lindsay Graham, South Carolina
Chuck Grassley, Iowa
Orrin Hatch, Utah
Dean Heller, Nevada
John Hoeven, North Dakota
Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma
Johnny Isakson, Georgia
Ron Johnson, Wisconsin
John Kennedy, Louisiana
James Lankford, Oklahoma
Mike Lee, Utah
John McCain, Arizona
Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
Jerry Moran, Kansas
Rand Paul, Kentucky
David Perdue, Georgia
Rob Portman, Ohio
Jim Risch, Idaho
Pat Roberts, Kansas
Mike Rounds, South Dakota
Marco Rubio, Florida
Ben Sasse, Nebraska
Tim Scott, South Carolina
Richard Shelby, Alabama
Luther Strange, Alabama
Dan Sullivan, Alaska
John Thune, South Dakota
Thom Tillis, North Carolina
Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania
Roger Wicker, Mississippi
Todd Young, Indiana

Coalition to March in Support of #MedicareForAll Bill #SinglePayer #SinglePayerSunday #VoteNoBCRA

Millions Marching For Medicare For All On Monday, July 24th thousands will march at the Capitol in support of H.R. 676 Medicare for All. The march is one component of a larger grassroots effort in order to increase pressure on Senators to kill the American Health Care Act, also known as Trumpcare, and support the…

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#MedicareForAll About to Get a Democratic Test #SinglePayer #SinglePayerSunday

How far has the Democratic Party shifted in its support for truly universal health care? Jeff Stein reports: Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is about to put Democrats’ newfound embrace of single-payer health care to the test….Despite the rise of “Medicare-for-all” as a political slogan in the party, Democrats don’t have a clear plan to translate…

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