Republican Elites Are Scared of @PhilBredesen

When the Knoxville News-Sentinel needs someone to give voice to the extreme right-wing of the political spectrum, Greg Johnson is the writer who often gets the job. He has an opinion piece up on the News-Sentinel website about Democrat Phil Bredesen’s run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Bob Corker.

Two things are evident in Johnson’s piece. First, he cannot stand the thought of Tennesseans sending a Democrat to the U.S. Senate. Second, he respects, perhaps even admires Bredesen. The worse thing he can think of to say about him is that some Democrats might not like Bredesen’s pragmatic, common-sense approach to governing.

To be certain, Greg writes a nice article. To his credit, he uses the first paragraph to remind Tennesseans what a truly great job Bredesen did as governor of the state. Where Johnson misses the boat is his understanding of what Bredesen’s common-sense pragmatism would mean for working class Tennesseans. Greg writes an article each week for the News-Sentinel, but most of his time is spent working as a financial advisor for Edward Jones

Greg does an outstanding job helping Tennesseans with portfolios of upwards of $500 ,000. The problem is most Tennesseans don’t have portfolios quite that large. Greg also likes politicians who cater to folks who have plenty of money to invest. That may be the real reason he does not want Tennesseans to send Phil Bredesen to Washington. Greg knows that Bredesen will work just as hard for working class Tennesseans as Greg does for those with ample investment portfolios.  Greg also knows that Bredesen would likely oppose any GOP scheme to privatize Social Security and Medicare.

We already have enough politicians in Washington who are using their offices to pad their pockets and the bank accounts of their donors.  In fact, the GOP candidate that Greg favors, Marsha Blackburn, already has a cozy arrangement with the pharmaceutical industry.

Greg and Marsha will be fine regardless of who wins this November’s race. The same cannot be said for middle and working class Tennesseans. They need a Senator who is going to be on their side. Phil Bredesen is the common sense choice for all Tennesseans.



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