The Balanced Budget Amendment Will Hurt Social Security and Medicare: Please Call your Member of Congress


The Balanced Budget Amendment that is being discussed in Congress would be terrible for America’s retired workers. It would use automatic cuts to their earned benefits to balance the federal budget in any year that there is a revenue shortfall. Such a law would be a travesty of justice punishing working and middle-class Americans while the wealthiest American continue to reap the harvest of the most recent #GOP tax cuts. In short, the Balance Budget Amendment would seek to balance the federal budget from the pockets of those least able to pay for it, while those who are not paying their fair share get a free pass. You can read more about it here: Balanced Budget Amendment

Please call your members of Congress to explain why you think this is a bad idea for working Americans. If you need help finding a contact number for your member of Congress, click here Members of the U.S. Congress

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