Email the Senate Healthcare Committee #ProtectOurCare


Thanks to @TopherSpiro for sharing this Letter. NOW, Let’s #ProtectOurCare. Email your thoughts, concerns and ideas to

The #AHCA takes 3 years off the solvency of Medicare. #ACA extends the solvency of Medicare to 2028. Here is more information on how the Affordable Care Act strengthened Medicare.

Anyone who has read the #AHCA knows that it is not good for women, children, the poor, the working class or anyone with preexisting conditions. Please email the Senate Healthcare Reform Committee and share your particular concerns.


4 thoughts on “Email the Senate Healthcare Committee #ProtectOurCare”

  1. Without the ACA, I will become sicker and unable to work. Half the population has preexisting ailments. The AHCA doesnt cover ANYTHING a woman and family need covered. CHILDREN will not be covered. You MUST protect our future. AHCA does NOT cut it.


  2. We need ACA benefits! My husband and I both have Preexisting conditions. We have worked and paid taxes all of our lives. We are just scraping by. AHCA will kill us, we’ll lose our home, or die because we have no insurance. There are millions of US in the same boat. Is that really all right with you?


  3. Republicans say they are against abortion yet they don’t even give a second thought at killing babies, children, children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and adults with their disastrous wealthcare bill. Your only agenda is to break the promises and fill your pockets with blood money you receive from healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Do not touch Healthcare, MEDICAID and Medicare and support pre exsisting illnesses. If not we WILL NOT FORGET at the POLLS!!! 🤐😷😪🤥

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