Congressman Mike Rogers, did you get the messages? (opinion) @RepMikeRogersAL does not #ProtectOurCare

Congressman Mike Rogers, did you get the messages? (opinion)

This letter is behind a pay wall. The first paragraph gives an idea of why voters in Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District are disappointed in the representation they are being given by Representative Mike Rogers. Pay wall’s can be frustrating. However, the people of Alabama are being well served by the Anniston Star

The @AnnistonStar is a home town paper that appears to be committed to being a voice for the concerns of working people in the region it serves. Local newspaper are having a difficult time staying in business these days. East Alabama is fortunate to have a paper that is speaking out for citizens and not succumbing to the mind numbing political speech of politicians like @RepMikeRogersAL who have sold their souls to lobbyists and corporate donors. When a newspaper is willing to confront the injustices and bad policy decisions of out-of-touch politicians, a pay wall is not nearly so frustrating.

Mike Rogers recently claimed that he had no complaints about his favorable vote on the American Health Care Act. The Star called him to task for such an outlandish claim and for governing in a way that shows so little regard for those he is supposed to represents. The Star editors do not mince words: Rep. Rogers should be ashamed of this vote (This editorial is not behind a pay wall)

Thank you Anniston Star. May your tribe increase.



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