Ryan’s health care plan could hurt seniors (A letter from a Wisconsin voter)


This letter was written by Jerry Hanson

Ryan’s health care plan could hurt seniors

Dear Editor: Paul Ryan’s plan to cut Medicare would eliminate the 80 percent coverage of hospital care and doctors’ visits and replace it with vouchers for seniors to buy private health insurance. Ryan has no answer if the vouchers do not allow seniors to buy enough insurance to match what Medicare now covers. Also, what happens if the premiums rise beyond the value of the vouchers? It would appear that under Ryan’s plan the seniors either pay more at a time in their life when they can least afford it, or they forgo needed medical interventions.

Medicare has held down medical costs by placing limits on the amounts Medicare will pay for medical procedures. To eliminate Medicare and its 80 percent cost-containing mechanism will allow medical costs for seniors to return to the high levels they endured before reaching Medicare eligibility.

It is also questionable whether Ryan’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with “better coverage at less cost for all Americans” as promised by President Trump will materialize. Ryan is now claiming that his plan will offer “access” to health care not actual coverage, Ryan has not acknowledged that he and his fellow congressmen would receive the same coverage that he is proposing for the rest of us.

Ryan’s plan results in Medicare benefits earned through a lifetime of work to lose their value or become unaffordable. Not the way to treat those in the twilight of their lives.


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