Ryancare: You Can Pay More for Less!


Ryancare: You Can Pay More for Less!

Trump voters who really believed that the Republican health care plan would be cheaper and cover more are about to have a major collision with reality. Either Trump voters did not think health care was a priority issue or they believed that something that sounded too good to be true could actually be true.

The plan that this article discusses what kind of coverage and costs might be available for people buying their insurance in the private market and those on medicaid. Working folks have no reason to be aware of how much the ACA did for Medicare. In fact, because of Republican distortions and alternative facts, many still believe that the ACA hurt Medicare. Nothing could be further from the truth. ACA extended Medicare’s solvency to 2028. ACA provided participants with preventative screenings and an annual wellness visit. ACA put the Medicare Part D “donut hole” on track to close completely in 2020. Medicare participants stand to lose much with the repeal of Medicare. It is not just Medicare participants, neither will Americans who are still working will not have those benefits waiting for them when they reach eligibility age.

In short, The Republican plan does nothing to improve health care coverage for working Americans. It abandons many of America’s poorest and neediest. The big winners in the Republican plan are the wealthy, particularly the wealthiest 1% of Americans.

If this plan becomes law, will have to grin and bear it or admit that they made a terrible mistake putting so much control in Republican hands.




3 thoughts on “Ryancare: You Can Pay More for Less!”

  1. If you change out health care Congress and Senate should get the same Health Care Plan that you are demanding the rest of Americans recieve


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