Call these Flippable Members of Congress! NO #Trumpcare NO #AHCA

The margin of victory in each of these 34 Congressional districts was 15% or less in the 2016 election cycle. In one race, the margin of victory was less than 1%. These are seats in the U.S. House of Representatives that can be won by candidates who will be committed protectors of Medicare and health care for all Americans.

Ways you can use this list to #ProtectOurCare & keep unwanted #HandsOffMedicare

Short term: The Republicans who currently sit in these know that they won them by less than an overwhelming majority. Some of them anticipate being in extremely tight races when they seek reelection in 2018. For that reason, they might be more willing to vote against the Republican leadership that has every intention of cutting Medicare and health care for all Americans. If you are a resident of one these Congressional districts, write and call relentlessly to encourage your member of Congress to strengthen and not cut our health care.

Long term: The only way to #ProtectOurCare with any kind of certainty is to fill these  seats with people who are committed to protecting Medicare, Medicaid and health care for all Americans.  If you are a resident of one of these districts, find out who is going to contend for the seat in 2018. This may be a Democrat, Independent or Green Party member. Party does not matter. What matters is electing a member of Congress who is absolutely committed to protecting health care for all Americans. While the party affiliation of the challenger is not of primary importance, that there is only one serious challenger is. Two serious challengers running against an incumbent is good news for the incumbent.

Republicans in the U.S House of Representatives in Swing Districts

State Cong. Dist. Member Phone Twitter Last Election Margin
AL 02 Roby, Martha 202-225-2901 @RepMarthaRoby 8.2%
AZ 02 McSally, Martha 202-225-2542 @RepMcSally 13.9%
CA 10 Denham, Jeff 202-225-4540 @RepJeffDenham 3.4%
CA 25 Knight, Steve 202-225-1956 @SteveKnight25 6.3%
CA 49 Issa, Darrell 202-225-3906 @DarrellIssa <1%
CO 03 Tipton, Scott 202-225-4761 @RepTipton 14.3%
CO 06 Coffman, Mike 202-225-7882 @RepMikeCoffman 8.3%
FL 15 Ross, Dennis 202-225-1252 @RepDennisRoss 14.9
FL 18 Mast, Brian 202-225-3026 @RepBrianMast 10.5%
FL 26 Curbelo, Carlos 202-225-2778 @RepCurbelo 11.8%
FL 27 Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana 202-225-3931 @RosLehtinen 9.8%
IL 12 Bost, Mike 202-225-5661 @RepBost 14.6%
IN 09 Hollingsworth, Trey 202-225-5315 @RepTrey 13.7%
IA 01 Blum, Rod 202-225-2911 @RepRodBlum 7.7%
IA 03 Young, David 202-225-5476 @RepDavidYoung 13.7%
KS 03 Yoder, Kevin 202-225-2865 @RepKevinYoder 10.7%
ME 02 Poliquin, Bruce 202-225-6306 @RepPoliquin 9.6%
MI 07 Walberg, Tim 202-225-6276 @RepWalberg 15%
MI 11 Trott, Dave 202-225-8171 @repdavetrott 12.8%
MN 02 Lewis, Jason 202-225-2271 @RepJasonLewis 1.8%
MN 03 Paulsen, Erik 202-225-2871 @RepErikPaulsen 13.7%
NE 02 Bacon, Don 202-225-4155 @RepDonBacon 1.2%
NJ 07 Lance, Leonard 202-225-5361 @RepLanceNJ7 11%
NY 19 Faso, John 202-225-5614 @RepJohnFaso 8.6%
NY 22 Tenney, Claudia 202-225-3665 @RepTenney 5.5%
NC 02 Holding, George 202-225-3032 @RepHolding 13.4%
NC 13 Budd, Ted 202-225-4531 @RepTedBudd 12.2%
PA 06 Costello, Ryan 202-225-4315 @RepRyanCostello 14.5%
PA 08 Fitzpatrick, Brian 202-225-4276 @RepBrianFitz 8.9%
PA 16 Smucker, Lloyd 202-225-2411 @RepSmucker 10.9%
TX 07 Culberson, John 202-225-2571 @CongCulberson 12.3%
TX 23 Hurd, Will 202-225-4511 @HurdOnTheHill 1.3%
UT 04 Love, Mia 202-225-3011 @RepMiaLove 12.5%
VA 10 Comstock, Barbara 202-225-5136 @RepComstock 5.8%

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has issued a longer list of seats that they will challenge  in 2018.

You might also want to check this list to see if one of your Senators is up for reelection in 2018


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