#GOP Dangles the Health of the American People Over Balcony


Americans of a certain age can still hear the collective gasp that sounded throughout the world when images of Michael Jackson, he of blessed memory, appeared of him dangling his then nine month old soon over a balcony rail. After the gasp, outrage followed. Most questioned what sort of father would do such a thing.

Now, as the Republican Party dangles the lives of 43,000 Americans over the rail of the proverbial balcony the outrage should be no less, the gasp just as collective. What sort of government do that to its own people? What sort of government would knowingly put those under its care at that kind of risk?

The obvious answer is a government that is committed to cutting taxes on the wealthiest one percent of earners. Yet, even still, is a 2.8 billion dollar tax cut for 400 or so families worth the lives of 43,000 Americans?

Time will tell us which is of more worth to the Republicans. In the meantime,  Americans are left dangling over the balcony rail of ACA repeal.


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