Repealing the ACA is Clearly about Tax Cuts For the Wealthiest Americans


When you read stories like this one from a family in Paul Ryan’s home district, you have to ask yourself why are the Republicans so eager to repeal the Affordable Care Act. As this story illustrates, the ACA has made it possible for this family to start a new business while not having to worry about health coverage. Why would Republicans want to take those kind of opportunities for innovative, industrious Americans? A Cynic might suggest that their eagerness to repeal the ACA is based on their dislike for President Obama. Their disdain for him being so great that they cannot bear for something that was so central to his presidency continuing to serve the American people after his departure from  office.

But their has to be more to it than that. Republicans would not punish American families just to spite President Obama, would they? Not likely. So what is the real reason Republicans are so determined to repeal the ACA. It is the tax cuts. Tax cuts to wealthy Americans is the reason that Republicans are willing to sacrifice health and welfare of hard-working Americans like this family that lives in Speaker Ryan’s district.



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