Why Health Care? Republicans, is that your Best Idea?

Why Health Care? Republicans are in complete control of our government and they believe the best thing they can do for us is repeal the Affordable Care Act. Really? The whole first week of the 115th Congress has been somewhat mind-boggling. Of all the issues confronting our nation and our world, The GOP chooses health care.

Repealing the ACA will hurt Medicare and seniors. Repealing it will hurt the poor and needy. Repealing it will hurt families. Repealing it will hurt America.

Repealing it will hurt the economy and cost us jobs.

Not only will repealing the ACA have a negative impact on the everyday lives of ordinary Americans. Repealing ACA will come at taxpayer expense as the Republican controlled Congress takes our nation deeper in debt to achieve their goal. They know repealing it will increase our debt so they have instituted a ban on recording devices in the House to keep it hidden. State budgets will also be impacted in a negative way.

Why? Why would the Republicans be so enthusiastic about inflicting so hurt on America and her people? One might assume that it has something to with GOP’s dislike of President Obama and the “promises” that were made during the campaign. Drawing such a conclusion would make sense to a certain degree. The disdain that Republicans feel for President Obama is well known and the disinformation that Republicans have churned out since before the ACA’s passage has certainly resulted in many Americans being unaware of the good that it would do and has done for our country.

However, the answer to why the 115th Congress spent week 1 dismantling America’s health care is not primarily a matter simmering political feuds or campaign promises. No, it is much simpler than that. Given all the people who stand to lose if the ACA is repealed, who stands to gain?


That’s right, about 400 high wage earners will reap an estimated 2.8 billion dollars a year in tax cuts if the ACA is repealed.

First, it would eliminate two Medicare taxes — the additional Hospital Insurance tax and the Medicare tax on unearned income — that both fall only on high-income filers, thereby cutting taxes substantially for those at the top.

Notice that? Repealing ACA is going to hurt Medicare. However, the hurt does not stop with retirees. Repealing ACA will not cut any taxes in 160 million households earning less than $200,000 a year. It gets worse. 7 million low and middle income families will have taxes raised an average of $4,800 when they lose the stipends the ACA provided to help them purchase insurance.

Republicans have complete control of our Government and this is the thing they most want to do to us.  Namely, hurt most all of us so that a minute segment of our population can benefit. They do it, presumably, to make America Great Again. But we know what happens when the wealthy do not pay their fair share of taxes. We know that nothing trickles down and the economy falters. A mere eight years ago, we watched President Bush’s second term end with the economy in ruins. Bush’s presidency was marked by the wealthy paying taxes at a historically low rate. Those same eight years saw some of the smallest private sector job growth in our history. Early indications are that the Republicans intend to put us through another round of building an economy that works for the wealthy and leaves working class people paying the bill.

We should not wait 8 years to make a change this time around. Eight Republican Senators will be up for reelection in 2018. Every member of the House of Representatives will have to stand for reelection. If working people in America unite, we can be an unstoppable political force.






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