If you care about cost control, don’t mess with Medicare #HandsOffMedicare #MedicareMonday #ProtectOurCare

The GOP often tries to position itself as the party that favors fiscal responsibility. In the article, If you care about cost control, don’t mess with Medicare, Alicia H. Munnell demonstrates the Medicare is more effective at controlling costs than private insurance companies. This is not a new trend. One has to wonder if the GOP is really concerned about controlling cost or just concerned about who profits from the high cost of healthcare. Actually, it raises the question as to why those who say they are concern about controlling costs are not proposing Medicare as a health care solution for all Americans. No doubt they would be if the health and well-being of the American people were as important to them as ideology and loyalty to corporate donors.

If the annual percentage increase in costs for private insurers — who cover a population with fewer health care needs — already outpaces Medicare spending growth, their costs are likely to rise significantly faster when they cover a costlier population.  Under the voucher plan, the government can keep its costs low by limiting the size of the voucher, but that strategy would only lead to an enormous financial burden falling on vulnerable elderly and disabled individuals.

The only way to win the health insurance game is to get the costs of health care under control, and the numbers say that Medicare is a much more effective mechanism than private insurance.  People who care about cost control should move cautiously when messing with Medicare.


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