Repealing ACA hurts Americans #ProtectOurCare #HandsOffMedicare

Medicare and the Health Law

To the Editor:

Seniors and baby boomers should take note: The rush to repeal and delay the Affordable Care Act will harm them, too.

Like working-class Americans and their families, people with Medicare are at grave risk. Undoing the health law could increase their prescription-drug costs, eliminate access to preventive care, and roll back efforts that stabilized Medicare premiums and cost-sharing.

For people 55 to 64, more than 4.5 million could lose their coverage, and the number of those uninsured could double to nearly 20 percent. Vague replacement frameworks put forward in the past are all clear on at least one point: Insurers could charge even higher premiums than already permitted for this age group.

In fact, some such plans put no limits on how high premiums can go for people at these ages.

Before the Affordable Care Act, people under 65 called our help line every day desperate to find affordable coverage but learned that there was none. If the law is repealed, coverage will again be out of reach until they become eligible for Medicare.



Medicare Rights Center

New York

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