What does the 115th Congress Intend to do to the Poor, the Elderly, the Disabled and Women?

As the 115th United States Congress gets under way, the impact that will actually have on the poor, on the elderly, on the disabled and on women remains to be seen. The impact that GOP leaders have stated that they want it to have falls somewhere between frightening and terrifying. The haphazard repeal of the ACA has already begun without any apparent consideration for the most vulnerable citizens in our country. What many Americans do not realize, in no small part due to negative GOP rhetoric, is how much good ACA does when America’s most vulnerable seek access to health care. However, repealing ACA will only be the beginning if the Republican Congress is able to do what they say they want to do to the poor, the elderly, the disabled and women

How deep will the cuts go? There is no way to know for sure at this point in time, but with majorities in both the House and the Senate they could easily go deep enough to leave too many Americans without access to health care. Please consider being an advocate for those who have often lacked the clout and the influence to shape the very policies that have the most impact on them. Use your voice to call and say #ProtectOurCare. You can find your Congress members number here

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