(Why) Paul Ryan wants to mess with your Medicare

Answer: Because his intellectual hero is an amoral social Darwinist

“I grew up reading Ayn Rand, and it taught me quite a bit about who I am and what my value systems are, and what my beliefs are. It’s inspired me so much that it’s required reading in my office for all my interns and my staff. We start with her longest and last novel ‘Atlas Shrugged.’

Rand didn’t believe concern for the well-being of others should limit personal liberty. Her individualist philosophy, objectivism, promoted what she called “the virtue of selfishness.” Her mission was the establishment of a new, post-Christian morality. Clarifying this in a 1959 CBS television interview with Mike Wallace:

“You are out to destroy almost every edifice of the contemporary American way of life, our Judeo-Christian religion, our modified government-regulated capitalism, our rule by majority will. Other reviews have said you scorn churches and the concept of God. Are these accurate criticism?”

Rand responded, “Yes.  I am the creator of a new code of morality.”

Ryan, a committed disciple of Rand’s new code of morality, disavows the role of “brothers’ keeper.” His “value systems”: his hard-hardheartedness toward Obamacare; his desire to make Social Security and Medicare voucher-based/needs-based-reduced entitlements explained.


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