Fake “Fake News” And The Privatization of Medicare

How will the Republicans achieve their long held goal of privatizing Medicare? If they are successful, it will no doubt be because they controlled the narrative and defined the terms for the debate. This Article is a prime example of what will have to be continuously confronted and corrected in the days ahead if Medicare is going to be protected and preserved.

The article’s headline reads, “The Medicare Voucher Rumor Is Just More ‘Fake News’.” The obvious intent of the headline is to say that what we have heard from leaders of congress about what they want to do to Medicare is not true. From the headline, we should conclude that there are no plans for vouchers, coupons or privatization. All of that was just fake news. Making that conclusion would be wrong, very wrong!

The writer has the audacity to site Speaker Ryan’s plan, “A Better Way,” and say that the plan does not call for vouchers, coupons or privatization.  But anyone reading the plan would know better. Scroll through Ryan’s healthcare policy paper and you will see for yourself that his vision of the future of Medicare rests on what he calls “premium supports.”

Premium supports are just a new Republican word for voucher or coupon, but the result would be the same, disaster for America’s retired workers and those who are disabled.

Words do have meaning. Yet, we obviously live in a time when some people feel free to distort and twist their meaning to suit a particular agenda or desired outcome.

Here is the truth: For years, Republicans have spoken and acted in ways that expressed their desire to rid the government of  any role in providing health care to America’s retired workers. Has their position changed? No, it has not. What has changed is that they now control the House, the Senate and the White House. Now, the American people are all that stands between them and the destruction of Medicare. We have to stand together against all of their efforts to take away a benefit that American workers paid for with every paycheck. That is, most certainly, not fake news. In fact, it is not news at all.


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