Republicans Seeking Immediate Cuts to Social Security? Not So Fast

This piece from ABC news suggests that reports about Republican plans to cut Social Security may have been overstated to the point of being “fake news.” Social Security is important to Medicare recipients because most recipients pay their Medicare premium with money they receive from Social Security. Therefore, cutting Social Security impacts ones ability to access Medicare.

With regards to Republican plans to cut Medicare and Social Security, they dreamed, talked and planned to do just that for years. Whether it is immediate or a sinister plan to do it by a thousand paper cuts, the result is the same. When Republicans are done doing what the want to working class Americans will have less or no Social Security and Medicare.

Republican Cuts to Social Security

“The fact is that Republicans have long made cutting Social Security and Medicare part of their solution to fix America. The idea that tax cuts for the wealthy and throwing seniors into financial peril via cuts, however small or large, will lead to people literally dying,” the statement said.

“… We report on news and we hold a position. I’m proud that we accurately reported on the serious nature of the dismantling of Social Security.”

The writer of the piece from New Century Times, Sarah Wood, told ABC, “Nothing in the story is false.”

Here is the original article that prompted the ABC report Leaked! Republicans Looking To Cut Social Security As Much As 50%


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