Medicare is not free: Mailbox for Dec. 23

Medicare is not Free

In his letter, Gary Bracken provides factual information about the costs born by those who are covered by Medicare. One of the costs that he does not explicitly mention is that those covered by Medicare pay premium just like any other health insurance.

Medicare is not free

There is a letter to the editor in The Tribune on Thursday from Gary Vetesy. By the way, Gary, nice first name.

I would like to make a few comments about Medicaid and Medicare. First, I don’t know much about Medicaid, as I have not been involved with it in any way. I have, however, a good deal of experience with Medicare.

Both my wife and I have Medicare. I can assure you it is not FREE medical insurance. Secondly, I can assure you Medicare does not pay for everything at the expense of taxpayers’ money. Medicare only covers part of medical bills, and everyone on Medicare must cover the remainder of their bills in some other way. My wife and I have supplementary insurance to cover the extra. Medicare does not pay any prescription drug bills unless the insured signs up for and pays a premium for prescription coverage. My wife pays for prescription drug coverage even though she takes no prescription drugs. I pay out of pocket for prescription drugs, as all of mine are inexpensive because of generic prices.

The bottom line is this: My wife and I pay a combined $640 per month for Medicare and our supplementary insurance, and I pay out of pocket for whatever prescription drugs I use.

So, everyone, please understand Medicare is not FREE.

Gary Bracken, Evans


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