McMorris Rodgers Expects Congress Could Act Quickly On ACA, Medicare

Do you know who your Representative is in the U.S. House of Representatives? Do you know who the Senators from your state are? These three people have to hear from you, your family members, your co-workers, your neighbors and anyone you can convince to call if we are going to save Medicare for the working people of this country.

Why the Republicans are determined to to take Medicare away is a mystery. What we do know is that they consistently favor economic policies that allow the rich to get richer while working people make due with less and less. We also know that they have made their intentions to dismantle Medicare abundantly clear.

Please find out who your members of Congress are if you do not already know. Go ahead and find the telephone numbers to their offices so that you can call and say #HandsOffMedicare. After the Holidays, they need to hear from ordinary Americans. After the Inauguration, they need to hear from each of us and all of us. They will not keep their #HandsOffMedicare unless working people speak out early and often.

Congress expects to act early on Medicare, ACA

House Speaker Paul Ryan is proposing Medicare reform that includes “Medicare exchanges” where private insurance companies would compete with traditional government-run Medicare for customers.

Ryan has argued that Medicare is going broke because of Obamacare, but this year’s Medicare trustees report says the program would now be able to pay all its bills through 2028, a full 11 years longer than a 2009 forecast. They attribute that in part to changes in Medicare called for in the Affordable Care Act.


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