Goodbye Medicare

Tim Manello writes a helpful letter, but the comment made by Tanya Wagner makes clear what we are fighting for and why we can never stop saying #HandsOffMedicare !

Goodbye Medicare

(This is Tanya Wagner’s comment of Tim Manello’s Letter)

I’ve beeen warning about the very same thing for years now. As a former Republican, nurse and healtcare administrator (and now a cancer patient), I’ve been immersed in this issue from many perspectives. What we have learned from history is that, in most cases, if money is not deducted for such protections, average citizens do NOT put it aside on their own. Just imagine a sickly old couple, voucher in hand,searching for a health insurance policy that would meet their needs? “Sure,” the insurance rep will tell them, “we’ll insure you, but with your high-risk conditions, the premium will be..” and then quote a price that’s way above their ability to pay. I don’t know the age of folks who would support privatization, but I’m 81, and can recall, before our current Medicare system, how so many older folks died due to lack of access or were bankrupted by the cost of care. Maybe that’s the strategy…we senior citizens will just die off much sooner and thus greatly lower costs to the government. It’s sad that by implementing just one initiative would save billions; finally allowing Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices with pharmaceutical companies (like all the for-profits do). Did you ever consider that using a for-profit business model is a conflict of interest on its face? When the CEO of a health insurance company states openly that the company’s #1 priority is making a profit for their shareholders, how can that be good for policyholders? it’s easy to understand why the 1% don’t get this, but we of the 99% certainly should.

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