GOP’s Freedom Caucus Wants Quick Action on Social Security and Medicare

GOP’s Freedom Caucus Wants Quick Action on Social Security and Medicare

We should all be grateful for the Democrats who will lead the fight to protect Social Security and Medicare from the Republicans who want to dismantle those programs. However, we have to call our representatives in congress, Republicans and Democrats, to make our position know. We are going to have to convince some moderate Republicans to stand with the Democrats.

“It’s clear that Washington Republicans are plotting a war on seniors next year,” said Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader next year. “Every senior, every American should hear this loudly and clearly Democrats will not let them win that fight.”

Paul Ryan refers to Social Security and Medicare as entitlements. He thinks it is a something that the government gives to us.

We actually haven’t had a conversation about comprehensive entitlement reform,” Mr. Ryan said. “These entitlement programs are going bankrupt. . .

Most working class Americans do not think of them as entitlements. Rather, for working Americans, those programs represent an investment that we make with every paycheck for the time when we are no longer able to work. We pay in every week expecting that there will be something there for us in our older years. It is not a hand out. We paid for it. Now Ryan and his Republican colleagues want to give it away to their wealthy donors in form of tax cuts. We cant let that happen.


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